Use case: Create an order list with the list app

List apps are handy in many everyday situations: from order lists for office supplies to managing company vehicles or even as dynamic lists for telephone numbers.

We'll show you what a finished list might look like and what the individual steps in creating it are.

What can a list for ordering office supplies look like?

The example illustrated here shows you a form that can be used to order general office supplies.


What fields do I need and how do I configure the list?

The initial list when creating the app is intentionally empty. The possible field combinations and designations are just as varied as the possible uses of the dynamic list. You can thus tailor the list precisely to suit your needs.

The following fields have been used in our example:


You can easily add more fields by clicking on the advanced options and starting the field configuration. Here you can add or even remove any fields you like. 


If you remove fields that have already been filled in, the content is lost and cannot be restored.

How can you provide further information for the fields?

Not every list is immediately self-evident for users – this is why there is the option to add explanations to individual fields. You can do this either immediately when creating the field or by editing the field later on. Sometimes the need for explanatory text only becomes apparent when the fields are filled in for the first time.



It is not possible to precede a list with detailed "instructions", such as an introductory text. This would impair the clarity of the list. If you require fields that need to be described in detail: The form app may be better suited here.

How do I add a description to the fields?

Every field in a list can be given a description that is only visible to users when completing the list. Open editing mode for the individual field and enter the desired text under "Description".

  1. The example shows a possible description for a checkbox

  2. The example shows a possible description for a date field

  3. The example shows the possible description for an option field

Example 1: Configuration of a checkbox field


Example 2: Configuration of a date field


Example 3: Configuration of an option field


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