Use case: Page for company news

Every company has important and interesting news that it needs to communicate to its employees. This is usually the job of Corporate or Internal Communications, which often employs a dedicated editorial team. The layout of this kind of page generally varies depending on the size and structure of the company. If there is extensive and regular news, it makes sense to have a dedicated page. If the opposite is true, you can integrate the news into a page about the company.

In this article, we’ll use a practical example to give you general tips about the layout and content of a dedicated page for company news.

Aim of the page

Before we start creating the page, let’s first consider its objective:
  • Spread company news and developments to all employees
  • Editorial work with articles from various company departments
  • Possibility for employees to provide feedback
  • Media gallery for global company events

Analog employee magazines should often also be replaced.

Implementation with Haiilo

The page is automatically subscribed to by all users and so users cannot unsubscribe from it. This ensures that the information is distributed to all employees.

We have used the following apps in our example

  • Timeline
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Content



Apps in detail 

  • Using the timeline (here "News"), the news is shared directly from the blog app. Employees can thus quickly and transparently comment on the articles and ask questions about the topics discussed in them.

  • The blog app (here "News archive") is used here to disseminate important news from the company to all employees. The editorial team from Internal Communications/Corporate Communications shares this news, about which all employees should receive further information. They can also control the time at which the articles are published and post in the name of the page.

  • Events comprise all of the company’s upcoming events. Our example concerns events that are interesting or important for everyone. These include, for example: staff meetings, town halls, Christmas parties.

  • The content app offers flexible ways to create layouts. In our example, we have used it to create a media gallery (media widget, here "Haiilo Gallery") and an overview of the editorial team.


Example of the event app:


Example of the content app:


If you want to find out more about apps and how to use them, take a look here! We’ll explain to you what apps are and give you some practical examples.

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