Use case: Page for company news

Every company has important and exciting news that it needs to communicate to its employees. The layout of this kind of page generally varies depending on the size and structure of the company. Having a dedicated news page makes sense if there is extensive and regular news. If the frequency of company news is relatively low, you can integrate the news into another page, for example about the company.

Aim of the page

Before creating the page, consider its objectives:

  • Spreading company news and developments to all employees
  • Enabling editorial work with articles from various company departments
  • Providing feedback possibility for employees 
  • Sharing images through a media gallery for global company events

Set up in Haiilo

The page should be automatically subscribed to by all users, and users cannot unsubscribe from it to ensure the information is distributed to all employees.

We recommend using the following apps


This is what a news page could look like. The apps used and their purpose are explained below. For a better overview, it's always recommended to use app groups and structure the community's content according to different use cases.


The following apps were used in the example above.

  • Timeline app: Using the timeline (here "News"), the news is shared directly from the blog app. Employees can thus quickly and transparently comment on the articles and ask questions about the topics discussed.
  • Blog app: The blog app (here "News Blog") distributes essential news from the company to all employees. The Internal Communications/Corporate Communications editorial team shares this news, which all employees should receive further information about. They can also control when the articles are published and post in the page's name.
  • Events app: Events comprise all of the company's upcoming events. Our example (here "Haiilo Events") concerns events that are interesting or important for everyone. These include, for example, staff meetings, town halls, and Christmas parties.
  • Content app: The content app offers flexible ways to create layouts. In our example, we used it to introduce our newly joined colleagues (here "Newbies"), demonstrate the company strategy (here "Company Strategy"), and provide an overview of the editors (here "Editorial Team").
  • Wiki app: We used a Wiki app to provide an overview of company meetings (here "Company Meetings") so that everybody knows how and when they occur.
  • Documents app: We use the documents app to demonstrate our product (here "Product Demo").  

Further tips & tricks

  • You can use a list app to provide recordings of past company meetings, e.g., town hall meetings.
  • If you have other ways to inform your employees about the news in your company, consider adding those to the page as well (e.g., a Podcast).
  • You can add widgets to your News Page to make it more aesthetic. A teaser Widget can draw the user's attention right at the start.
  • If you also use the Multichannel Communications module, you can add the Multichannel Comms app to showcase posts created in the Studio as they otherwise would not appear in the Timeline App. 

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