The RSS feeds widget

The abbreviation RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and brings together file formats for web feeds. This means you have an easy way to subscribe to certain website content. For instance, you can integrate the news feed of newspapers, soccer pages, or blogs and follow them live. 

How and where can I use the widget?

You can integrate the RSS feed widget anywhere that you can use widgets. RSS feeds are often found on dynamic home pages or on company news pages. 

What do I need to access an RSS feed?

Option 1: Freely accessible feed

In the case of a freely accessible feed, such as the feed of the Tagesschau news program, you only need the provided link for integration – this is usually made freely available on the website by the provider.

The URL for an RSS feed ends e.g., with .rss2, .xml or .rdf

A valid RSS feed without login details, as in the case of the Tagesschau example, looks like this: 


In the further settings, you can determine how many articles should be displayed and whether you want preview images.


Option 2: Feed with login details

In the case of a feed with login details, you need to enter, validate, and save the credentials once. The feed is then displayed – if another user opens the settings, they can’t see the password.

Why is the RSS feed not displaying, despite being valid?

Many browsers automatically save passwords. If you integrate an RSS feed, your browser sometimes automatically adopts the password. However, this leads to an error when it involves a "free" feed without credentials.

To correct the errors, follow these steps: 

  1. Edit RSS feed 

  2. Remove password

  3. Check RSS 

  4. Save

  5. Save layout

How often is an RSS feed updated?

The RSS feed is cached for 15 minutes. In specific terms, this means if a user subsequently encounters the RSS feed, it is updated. For the next 15 minutes, all further requests are shown this cached result. The feed is updated again after these 15 minutes.

What do I need to bear in mind if I am using On-Premise and want to use RSS feeds?

For the RSS widget to work, your server on which Haiilo is installed must have an Internet connection. If the RSS feed link is via https://, you must also open port 443.

All common, non-blocked RSS feeds are possible in the Cloud. 

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