Use case: Integrating videos

There are multiple options for displaying videos on your platform. We suggest a few use cases below:

Video widget

Perhaps the most obvious option is to use the video widget. This is a good option if you want to simply highlight a video but don't need to give further context or additional information outside the video.

You can add the widget almost anywhere on the platform, anytime. You simply add a URL to a video via copy-paste and specify a title and a description for your video.

When you embed a video from a video provider, you can specify the exact starting time of the video. This enables you to begin the video at the most significant moment.

RTE widget

The RTE widget allows you to upload videos via URL or from your computer. This way allows you to easily combine text, images, and videos to provide additional context for your video. With RTE, you can create engaging and informative content to accompany your video.

You can use the rich text editor (RTE) in various apps or as a stand-alone widget.

Media widget

You can create a gallery that features both images and videos using the media widget. This allows for easy sharing of visual content related to a particular topic.

You choose the widget and select the videos and images from the file library to be displayed. When clicked on, a pop-up window will open, and the video can be played or downloaded.

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