Use case: Integrating video and audio content

In this article, we provide an overview of the different options that can be used to display videos and audio content to enhance your platform.

Aim of integrating videos and audio

Before using Widgets or Plug-ins to integrate video/audio, consider your objectives:

  • Lifting your internal communication to the next level
  • Boosting engagement
  • Providing more lively training than "text only", for example for onboarding
  • Foster a sense of community/belonging in your company 
  • Offer a more interactive experience

Set up in Haiilo

There are multiple options for displaying videos and audio on your platform:


  • Video widget: This is a good option if you want to highlight a video but don't need to give further context or additional information outside the video. You can add the widget almost anywhere on the platform. Paste a URL to a video and specify a title and a description for your video. When you embed a video from a video provider, you can specify the exact starting time of the video. This enables you to begin the video at a moment of your choosing.
  • RTE widget: The RTE (Rich Text Editor) widget allows you to upload videos or audio via URL or from your computer. This way allows you to easily combine text, images, and media to provide additional context for your media. You can use the RTE in various apps or as a stand-alone widget.
  • Media widget: You can create a gallery that features both images and videos using the media widget. This allows for easy sharing of visual content related to a particular topic. You choose the widget and select the videos and images from the file library to be displayed. When clicked on, a pop-up window will open, and the video can be played or downloaded. It's important to note that private videos, like those on YouTube or Vimeo, cannot be played directly on the Haiilo platform. Therefore, hosting directly on Haiilo or using our Media widget might be more suitable for private content. Also, the Media widget could do the trick if it's just one video. However, be aware that uploaded videos may be downloadable.


Please note that you need to add plug-ins through a Manifest URL first before you can use them. Learn more

  • MMS Live: The MMS Live plug-in provides live streaming capabilities, allowing you to broadcast events, meetings, or other live content directly within Haiilo. It's perfect for engaging with your audience in real-time and fostering interactive communication.
  • Movingimage: Movingimage is a video management platform that offers advanced features for organizing, distributing, and analyzing video content. This plug-in allows you to manage your video library efficiently, customize player settings, and track viewer engagement metrics.
  • Hypecast / Podcast: This plug-in enables you to incorporate audio content, such as podcasts or audio recordings, into your Haiilo platform. Whether you're sharing company announcements, hosting interviews, or providing training materials, these plug-ins make it easy to deliver audio content to your audience.

Check out the Plug-in Marketplace in our exclusive Client Community to learn more about all available plug-ins for your intranet.


Video Widget

When it comes to showcasing videos, embedding them on a dedicated page is the way to go. In our example, we used the video platform YouTube to show the product demo video on our Product Marketing page.

Media Widget

In our example, we used the Media widget to upload a video of our new product demo to our news page. Our users can now easily download the video to use it themselves.

Hypecast plug-in

We used the Hypecast plug-in in our client community for our Haiilo Client Podcast. We added it to the Homepage through a plug-in widget.

Further tips & tricks

  • For multiple videos, such as playlists or how-to guides, embedding them within a blog or wiki post creates a seamless user experience. You can embed videos in the RTE section of your Blog/Wiki. In advanced mode, you can also add extra widgets below the RTE section for a different look and feel.
  • MS Stream videos can be added to Haiilo via embed URLs through "add video" in the Rich Text Editor, video widget or Timeline, generating a preview and playback functionality. Live event URLs can also be incorporated, enabling direct participation within Haiilo.

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