Use case: Integrate videos in Haiilo

First option: Integrate video in the RTE

The rich text editor (RTE) is available to you in many apps and also as a stand-alone widget – you can optimally combine text, image, and video elements here. This allows you to provide even more context for the video. 

Biggest advantage: Many providers offer the option of using a timestamp to specify from which minute the video should start. For YouTube, for instance, this looks as follows: The URL, which you can embed, is equipped with the timestamp on request.
Second option: Integrate video widget
In addition, you have the option of adding the video widget almost anywhere, any time. This allows you to simply add a URL via copy & paste and additionally specify a title and a subtitle. 
It’s not currently possible to add a timestamp.

Integrate videos on the homepage

Option #1

If you have a YouTube or Vimeo link to the video, the video can be integrated via the video widget. This allows the integrated videos to be played without having to download them.

Option #2 

Alternatively, you can integrate videos with the media widget. Choose the widget and then select the uploaded videos that you want to be displayed with the widget. The videos can then be played – without any prior downloading here either.

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