Use case: Requests for new pages

Pages organize information and categorize it according to subjects, areas or departments. The "classic part" of content management takes place here. It is thus important to maintain control over which pages are created and who should edit them.
In this article, we give you tips on how to handle requests for new pages in order to make your work easier. If you have questions about permissions and roles, we recommend these articles:

Our practical tip

Communication and marketing managers often receive numerous requests for new pages. These can be channeled quickly and easily. form (form app) is used to gather requests for creating new pages. The employees can quickly and directly submit their requests. The managers have an overview of all of the requests in one place and can work through them in a structured manner.

Which fields should such a form contain?

The workload for users should be as low as possible. You can apply what has been learned here to many other use cases, such as order forms. Enjoy giving it a try!
If you want to find out more about possible ways to control such requests, take a look here: We’ll explain to you using a practical example how to establish a help community in Haiilo and how this helps you and your users.

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