Use case: Create an order form with the form app

The form app is particularly useful for orders or applications requiring more than one description field. You can collect and work through these with your team. The data entered by your colleagues is treated as confidential.

Let’s look at the order process using the example of a business card order. This offers numerous advantages. Precise information and confidential data are required for business cards. If you collect this information by having all of the employees complete an online form within Haiilo, you ensure that the information is correct and stored in writing in a safe place.

You select the various fields required for the order overview in advance in the settings, give them a name, and add them to the form.

Which fields do you require?

The usual information on a business card besides the company details is the person’s personal contact details. Ideally, you have your users complete this themselves.

To do this, select the fields

  • User: The person requiring the new business cards is also linked directly here.
  • Number: The numerical field is available for quantities or item numbers.
  • Text: The field is a free text field. Any text you like, whether words or sequences of numbers (telephone number), can thus be entered here.

You can configure every field individually. The most important criteria here are naturally the name of the field and whether it is a mandatory field.

If you activate the checkmark to "hide" the field, it is not shown in the overview, only in the final export of the form. This can also be used when your users should see the entries but not all of the data.

Which fields can you generally use?

Select the necessary fields based on the use case: There are no limits to your design options with the form app. The following elements are available to you:

What does the overview of the submitted form look like?

In the overview, all of the entries submitted by your colleagues can be seen at a glance. Besides the fields that need to be completed by the applicant, it is also possible to see WHEN and WHO created the entry.

You can conveniently set when creating the app – or at a later time – that the responsible employee will be notified once a new order is submitted via the app. The allows for faster and more efficient workflows. 

What kind of e-mail notifications are sent?

In the advanced settings in the app, you specify whether your users should receive a notification when submitting the form as a kind of confirmation of receipt. You also determine whether specific users should always be notified about new entries. If, for example, only your team secretary should be notified about the order of new business cards, enter the address under "E-mail address" or select the corresponding user profile.

The checkmark next to "Confirmation" only means that the user who completed the form has received an e-mail that the application has been received. This can be handy if the final entries can only be viewed by app admins.

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