Act in the name of a page, community, or event

To add an official tone and highlight the significance of information, it's possible to publish a post in the name of a page, community, or event.

This function is available to you in Haiilo, especially with regard to blogs and timeline elements. From a technical viewpoint, the name for this behavior is: "function user"


To publish content in the name of a page, community, or event, you require one of these two permissions:

  • Local means that you are allowed to act within the page/community/event in its name.
  • Global expands this permission. This allows you to publish content in the name of the element anywhere in Haiilo.
You also need to be the admin of the corresponding element.

Use on the timeline

Via a dropdown button next to the post, you can select in whose name the post should be created. All of the elements for which you have admin permissions are available to you here. In this case, the page Haiilo News and the event Haiilo Presentation.

You also have the same option if you comment on an element and have the corresponding permissions.  

Use in a blog

As the admin of a page or community, you automatically have the permission to publish a blog post. Including the permission "Act in the name of a page or community", you can use the function user for the blog post.  

Is the real name of the author visible anywhere?

You can currently only have the author displayed on timeline elements if you are either the admin of the element or you have activated moderator mode. Once you go into the advanced options, you can make the author visible to you. 

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