Use case: Page for the HR department

The Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for all matters concerning personnel within a company. As one of the most important departments, it’s obvious that it will be given its own page in your digital home. The layout of this kind of page generally varies depending on the size and structure of the company. We’ll use a practical example to give you general tips on the layout and content.

Aim of the page

Before we start creating the page, let’s first consider its objective:
  • Informing employees about important news, updates, and events from the HR team
  • Providing templates for the most frequently used policies, applications, and forms
  • Digitalization of the most frequently asked questions from employees in a central location
  • Information on new positions and changes to the organizational structure
  • Contact options and areas of responsibility of the HR team

Implementation with Haiilo

You can use the following apps
  • Timeline
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Documents 
  • Wiki
  • Form
  • Content

We have used two app groupings to provide a better overview. In the "HR News" section, users will find news and events from the HR department. The second app group, "Work at Haiilo", is where policies and forms can be found, along with relevant documents. 

Apps in detail 

  • Using the timeline (here: "News"), employees can get in direct contact with the HR team. Questions that concern everyone are answered there, as the app is visible to everyone, making it easy to find and transparent.

  • With the help of a blog, attention is drawn to special activities, job advertisements, news, or developments within HR. The reach of these posts can be increased by sharing them on the timelines of one or more other pages or users.

  • Interesting events, such as trade fairs and conferences, are made accessible to all employees with the help of the event app. This contributes towards transparent communication, as the employees have the opportunity to learn more about the everyday work of their HR colleagues. 

  • Important and frequently used documents – such as templates and policies – are stored centrally here in the app of the same name and can be easily accessed by everyone. 

  • A HR wiki makes it easy to bring together all existing regulations and frequently asked questions and show them to everyone in an overview. And the best part about this? If something is updated or changed, users are automatically informed about this with a notification

  • The form is used to process typical applications and change reports on the page. The employees can quickly and directly submit their inquiries. In our example, we’ve chosen a form for master data changes and a vacation request

  • It is often not easy to find the right contact person for an inquiry. We have used the content app (here: "The team presents itself") to list the various areas of responsibility of the team members. This makes it easier for employees to find the right contact person for their concern. 


  • With the "global widgets", Haiilo offers you an additional way to design your page. In our example, you’ll find one above the app groupings (link button) and one below the cover picture (teaser widget). Do you want to find out more about our widgets? Then we recommend the corresponding article.

  • If you want to find out more about apps and how to use them, take a look here! We’ll explain to you what apps are and give you some practical examples.

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