Use case: Editorially maintained homepage

In many cases, an editorially maintained homepage is particularly effective in addition to an interactive homepage. This way, the entry homepage can be geared towards interaction and relevance via the timeline, while a second editorially maintained homepage provides carefully curated official information.

For our enterprise customers, combining an editorial homepage with a news-focused first homepage is also a popular choice. This way, a timeline and the most important group-wide news can be displayed directly on the first homepage, while additional topics can be placed on the second homepage.

Aim of the homepage

Before creating the homepage, consider its objectives and or use cases:

  • Providing users with editorially curated content
  • Promoting additional official information
  • Providing direct access to the most relevant (third-party) tools and locations

Set up in Haiilo

We suggest using the following elements and widgets when designing the homepage:


This is what an editorially maintained homepage could look like. All widgets used and their purpose are explained below.

Editorial homepage.png

The following widgets were used in the example above.

  • Latest blog articles widget: Stay up-to-date through the latest blog articles widget about the latest published blog articles.
  • Divider widget: The Divider widget allows you to optically separate widgets from each other or add a heading to a particular widget.
  • Teaser widget: The Teaser widget lets you present topics and content prominently and link to a defined source.
  • Launchpad links widget: The Launchpad links widget shows all the links on your Launchpad so you can easily access them through your homepage.

Further tips & tricks

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