Use case: Editorially maintained homepage

This kind of homepage is suitable for companies that have already created content in blogs and wikis and want to give their employees a quick overview of the most important content.

The content on a homepage of this kind is usually generated from the blogs on the company’s editorially maintained pages. Wiki articles that everyone should be aware of or are important for ongoing operations can be shown here.

In this article, we give you an example of how you can create an editorially maintained homepage. Our example is designed to give employees important updates and support them in using Haiilo.

Aim of the homepage

Before we start creating the homepage, let’s first consider its objective:
  • Summary of important information for employees 
  • Central source of information for editorially maintained content
  • Digitalization of frequently asked questions on a certain topic
  • Highlighting certain company departments

Implementation with Haiilo

In our example, we have used the following widgets
  • Latest blog articles
  • Latest wiki articles
  • Rich text editor
  • Divider
  • Teaser




Widgets in detail 

  • Interesting and important news is highlighted with the "Teaser" widget. The widget should be regularly updated with new content to keep the users’ attention.

  • Using the "Latest blog articles" widget (here: "News & Stories"), the employees are provided with important information about news and background stories from the company. These are usually editorial articles.

  • The "Latest wiki articles" widget (here: "Tips & Tricks about Haiilo") helps to draw attention to useful tips and possible uses of Haiilo. This is particularly relevant in the start phase of your digital home to get the users used to the features of Haiilo and offer them assistance.

  • Alongside news and information, certain content or company departments should also be highlighted on this homepage. This content is separated from the previous section using the Divider widget with a heading (here: "Corporate Design"). We have also added clickable pictures and a title with the "Rich text editor" widget. This breaks up the overall impression of the homepage.

Do you want to know more about designing homepages? Then take a look at our article on "Design layouts: Homepage(s)"

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