Optimizing homepages for mobile

Homepages on mobile are visible if users are assigned "Enable homepages module" permission. To ensure your mobile homepage only displays the most important information for your users, you can choose to hide certain widgets from the mobile version of the homepage while keeping them visible on the web version.

Not all widgets are supported on the mobile app. To find out which widgets are supported, you can check out the Haiilo mobile app overview. Non-supported widgets won't show on the app.

Understand the mobile homepage structure

The structure of homepages in the mobile app is slightly different from the web. By default, the app has two fixed and separate homepages:

  • Timeline: Shows a timeline of posts coming from all the sources you're subscribed to (pages, communities, events, other users, etc.). Activated by the "Enable timeline module" permission.
  • News: Shows blog articles from pages that you subscribe to. Activated by the "Enable news module" permission.

If one or both of the above are activated for users by the corresponding permissions, any homepage you create is added after the fixed homepages in the app's homepage navigation bar. The order of your created homepages will match their order on the web. You can also customize the order of the fixed and your created homepages to, e.g., move your created homepage to the first position.

homepage navigation in the mobile app.PNG

Your mobile homepage displays widgets in a single column, arranged in a Z motion from left to right and top to bottom based on your web homepage structure. The widget at the top of the first column on the left will appear first on mobile, followed by the top widget in the second column, and so on. Note that hidden or non-supported widgets won't be displayed on mobile.

Hide a widget from a mobile homepage

For each natively supported widget on your homepage, you should individually decide if it should be displayed in the mobile app.

  1. Go to the homepage. If the homepage isn't yet activated, it can be accessed using the homepage URL.
  2. Select Enable Edit view from your user profile drop-down
  3. Hover over a widget to show its options
  4. Select the mobile device icon in the widget header. A "This widget is hidden on mobile devices" message is shown on top of the widget when in edit mode.
  5. Do this for all widgets that shouldn't be displayed on the mobile version of your homepage
  6. When you're done, select Save in the edit bar at the bottom of the platform

hide widget on mobile homepage.png

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