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Haiilo's mobile app has a new home dashboard that is gradually being rolled out to replace the homepage concept described in this article. Read more in Home dashboard on mobile.

In the Haiilo mobile app, you view homepages if they've been enabled for the mobile app. Furthermore, you need the "Enable homepages module" permission. You'll only see the natively supported widgets for the mobile app on your homepage as long as the individual native widgets are enabled for mobile.

To understand natively and non-natively supported widgets, read Widgets on mobile.

Activate a homepage for the app

We recommend creating the homepage on the browser before activating it for the mobile app, as a homepage cannot be edited in the mobile app. You need "Manage homepages" permission to manage homepages.

  1. Go to Administration > Homepages
  2. Edit the homepage you want to activate for the app.
  3. Check Activate this homepage for Mobile App
  4. Optionally, change the other settings
  5. Select Save

View homepages in the app

The structure of homepages in the mobile app is slightly different from the browser version. By default, the app has two fixed and separate homepages:

  • Timeline: Shows a newsfeed of posts from all the sources you're subscribed to (pages, communities, events, other users, etc.). Activated by the "Enable Timeline module" permission.
  • News: Shows blog articles from pages that you subscribe to. Activated by the "Enable news module" permission.

If one or both of the above are activated for users by the corresponding permissions, any homepage you create is added after the fixed homepages in the app's homepage navigation bar. The order of your created homepages will match their order on the browser. You can also customize the order of the fixed and your created homepages to, e.g., move your created homepage to the first position.

In this screenshot, there are two custom homepages: Home and Editorial. The order of the homepages has been changed with the API.

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