Google Workspace in Haiilo

By integrating Google Workspace* into Haiilo, we are making your everyday work easier. It allows you to perform various tasks on Haiilo in the name of Google accounts. This saves you from having to perform the same processes several times and managing duplicate files in various environments. It concerns authentication, access to files on Google Drive, and the synchronization of Haiilo events with the calendar in Google.  


The integration of the Google Workspace is an add-on for your digital home. You require a valid license key for activation. Simply create a ticket via the Service Desk and our account managers will be in touch with you.  

Features of Google Workspace integration


When logging into Haiilo, you can log in directly with Google Workspace. The prerequisite for this is that Google Workspace integration is activated. The e-mail address of your Google account must also match the e-mail address in Haiilo.

If Google Workspace integration is activated, an additional button appears on the login screen labeled "Log in with Google Workspace".  You can now log into Haiilo with your Google account.


Attach files

With Google Workspace integration, you can easily attach files to your posts – whether timeline posts, as an addition to a comment, in the chat, or as an attachment to an article. This can be done very easily: You select the corresponding file (e.g. picture) from your Google Drive and attach it to the relevant posts.


Once you’ve clicked on "Select file from Google Workspace", a new window will open. There, choose the desired file that you want to upload and click on "Select"


The permission settings for your documents remain the way you originally set them, even after publication in Haiilo. A warning will also be displayed if you want to post a private document.  


Google Calendar

The events in Haiilo are synchronized with your Google Calendar so that you don’t need to manage duplicate appointments anymore. If the events in Haiilo are changed (such as the time or date), the appointment in your Google Calendar is also automatically updated

Haiilo search

Files from Google Drive are integrated into the Haiilo search results. This allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for much more quickly. Haiilo shows you the number of search hits in Google Drive and those from Haiilo. A click takes you to the desired content.


If the desired file isn’t on the list, Haiilo will forward you with a click. Select "Show all in Google Drive," and the search will continue in a new browser window in Google Drive.

Set up Google Workspace

To allow you to use the Google Workspace functionalities in full, you first need to lay some foundations. We’ll show you how to set up your Google Workspace in these instructions.

1. Create Google Workspace client

First, create what are known as Client Credentials, which allow Haiilo to perform authentication for Google services. You get these from Google in the following way:

  1. Log into
  2. Create a new project. Please ensure that this new project is selected in the first project selection.
  3. Open the Google API library via the left-hand navigation and search for the Google Drive API there. Activate this API.
  4. Go back to the Google API library and search for the Google Calendar API.
    Activate this API, too.
  5. Go to "APIs & Services" > "Login data" > "OAuth consent screen" and configure at least the following:
    1. Name of the application
    2. Authorized domains (the domain of your Haiilo environment)
  6. Go to the tab "Login data" > "Create login data" > "OAuth client ID" and configure at least the following:
    1. Select "Web application"
    2. Authorized JS sources (the URL of Haiilo)
    3. The redirect URL can be configured later, as Haiilo will tell you what you need to enter here
  7. You should now see the new OAuth client login details in what’s known as an "overlay". Please keep this module open for now and continue with the configuration within Haiilo.

2. Configuration of Haiilo

Next, the Google OAuth client must be configured to enable the integration of Google Workspace in Haiilo. This is how it’s done:

  1. Log into Haiilo as an administrator with the permission to manage authentication providers (permissions: access to Administration + "Manage authentication providers")
  2. Go to "Authentication" > "Create authentication provider"
  3. Specify a name for the provider. This should be chosen carefully as it will be used on the login button and in the redirect URL. Example: "Google Workspace"
  4. Next, specify the "Type". Here, select "OpenID Connect".
  5. Activate the checkbox "Active" if you want the authentication provider to be available on the login screen.
  6. Select "Google IdP + Integration" as a default setting, which causes most of the other fields to be automatically configured.
  7. Now enter the "Client ID" and the "Client Secret" from the "OAuth Client" into the developer console of Google (see 1. Create Google Workspace client -> 1.6/1.7).
  8. Save the authentication provider. You are then redirected to the list of authentication providers. Edit the Google Workspace provider that has just been created again and copy the "redirect URL" from the blue box at the very bottom.
  9. Go to the Google page and edit the "OAuth Client" and add the authorized redirect URIs here.
  10. Go back to the Administration interface in Haiilo and select the "General settings". Then select "Google Workspace" there as "Active Integration" from the drop-down menu ("Activate integration").
  11. Please make sure in the Administration interface that all roles that should use the Google integration have the corresponding permission ("Integration > "Activate Google Workspace").

3. Activate/deactivate the event synchronization per user

The users can select whether or not events from Haiilo should be synchronized with their own "primary" Google Calendar. This is how it's done:

  1. Go into "Account settings" in Haiilo.

  2. Select whether or not you want to "Synchronize events".

Find Google Workspace files in Haiilo

The Haiilo search also makes it possible for you to find files from Google Drive. The prerequisite for this: You have activated Google Workspace integration for your company and the users are logged into Haiilo with their Google account. 

The integration makes it easier for you to search for content. You don’t need to consider whether the content’s in Haiilo or in Google Drive – you use one search to find the relevant content. This allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for much more quickly. Haiilo shows you the number of search hits in Google Drive and those from Haiilo. A click takes you to the desired content.


You are only shown the content in Google Drive that you have access to. 

To use the function, the Google Workspace integration must be activated in your company and you need to log into Haiilo with your Google account.  


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