Anonymizing deleted users

You can set up automatic anonymization of deleted users on the platform. With this, all a user's personal information is removed from the platform after they're deleted, but the content they had created remains. An anonymized user cannot be restored. You need permission from "Manage system settings" to activate anonymization.

After a user is anonymized, their name and avatar are replaced by the defined name and a standard grey avatar:

anonymized user.png

Activate anonymization

  1. Go to Administration > System settings > General settings
  2. Check Anonymize deleted users
  3. Choose how long after the user's been deleted that their data should be anonymized
  4. Enter a display name for a deleted user, that is, what name will show to other users instead of the deleted user's name. By default, the name is Deleted user.
  5. Select Save to apply the changes

When anonymization is activated, the anonymization job will run per the defined settings and anonymize any users that have been deleted since the last run.

anonymize deleted users.png

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