Setting up Haiilo AVA

Unlock your true potential on Haiilo's platform with the assistance of AVA, our Artificial Virtual Assistant. To use Haiilo AVA, you need a subscription and an API key from a supported AI provider.


Set up Haiilo AVA

On the AI provider

To use AVA, you need a subscription or license with a supported AI provider. You have to set up a contract between your company and the AI provider. Currently, Haiilo supports OpenAI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI as providers. For more information about either option, visit OpenAI's Help Center or Microsoft's Help Center.

From each provider, you need the following information from your account:

  • For OpenAI: Your API key and your Model. Haiilo supports the GPT-3.5-turbo or GPT-4 models. The information can be found in your OpenAI account.
  • For Microsoft Azure OpenAI: Your API key, Endpoint, and Deployment name. The information can be found in your Microsoft Azure OpenAI configuration.

On Haiilo

After obtaining the information from your AI provider account, you can set up AVA in Haiilo. You need the "Manage AVA" permission to manage AVA's settings.

  1. Go to AdministrationAVA > Provider
  2. Choose your provider: OpenAI or Microsoft Azure OpenAI
  3. Paste the API key in the corresponding field. For Microsoft Azure OpenAI, also enter your Endpoint URL.
  4. Select Save changes
  5. Select the Features tab
  6. Enable the features in which AVA can be used:
  7. Depending on your selected AI provider, enter the Model or Deployment name.
  8. Select Save changes

AVA is now activated and can be used in your platform for the features you enabled.

Basics of AI

We provide a short introduction to AI below, but it should not be used as a comprehensive resource for learning about artificial intelligence in general.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to human-created technology that attempts to mimic how a human would perform a task. To do this, it uses vast amounts of data to predict results, allowing the AI to carry out tasks and provide responses based on your questions or prompts. Like a human, it improves by learning and doing. In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  • AI analyzes large datasets, known as training data, for patterns and uses this to create a model
  • The model is then tested by asking questions AI already knows the answers to and assessing the accuracy of the answers. These answers are referred to as test data.
  • As the AI receives more inputs and test data, it continues to learn and refine its model, improving its responses.

AI is a cutting-edge technology that is advancing rapidly through extensive research and development. Various factors can result in limitations and errors, including systemic biases, insufficient training data, and low-quality data, such as outdated information. Just like a human, AI sometimes makes mistakes. This means that when using AVA, there is a risk that your generated response might be incorrect, harmful, biased, or outdated.

Privacy information

Your data is encrypted and private, following Haiilo's standard data protection policies. The AI provider's API key that you add in the Administration is stored and hosted on Haiilo servers with state-of-the-art encryption.

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