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In the Haiilo mobile app, you can view apps and their content on pages and communities. The way apps and their content are displayed depends on whether the app is natively supported in the mobile app or not.

View apps in the app

Native apps

Native apps are fully supported for the mobile app to ensure the content in them is mobile-app friendly to view and interact with. Native apps open directly inside the mobile app, and the content has been optimized for the mobile app view. The natively supported apps are:

  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Content
  • Documents
  • Timeline

Non-native apps

Non-native apps haven't been developed for the mobile app, but the layout is still mobile-friendly. It is the same as viewing the browser version resized for a mobile screen. Non-native apps open a mobile browser window inside the mobile app, and the content is displayed in a web browser view. The non-natively supported apps are:

  • Event
  • Form
  • Forum
  • List
  • Tasks
  • Multichannel

To identify whether an app is supported natively or not in the Haiilo mobile app, you can check for a icon next to the app in the All tab of a page or community. If the app has an icon, it means it's not natively supported, and selecting it will open the mobile browser within the Haiilo app.

App order on mobile

In a page or community on the mobile app, you'll see apps displayed as tabs. The first three native apps of a page display as separate tabs, followed by an All tab that displays all the page's apps and app groups. For more information, read Pages on mobile and Communities on mobile.

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