Activating the Microsoft add-on features

With Haiilo's Microsoft add-on, users can interact with Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint Online, Stream, and Teams in various ways. For more detailed information on the capabilities, see Microsoft integration overview.

This article contains instructions for activating the Microsoft 365 add-on. After activating the add-on, if you also want to use the Microsoft Teams integration, read Setting up a Microsoft Teams integration (Public Cloud).

Using Microsoft authentication is required to use the Microsoft add-on features, as users need to be logged in with their Microsoft credentials for the features to function. Please complete the Microsoft authentication setup before proceeding with this tutorial.

Add API permissions in Microsoft

You need admin rights in your Microsoft Entra ID account to update the API permissions.

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Platform.
  2. Go to Microsoft Entra ID > App registrations > select the app that you created when setting up Microsoft authentication for Haiilo
  3. Go to API permissions
  4. Select Add permissions > Microsoft Graph > Delegated permissions
  5. Add the following API permissions:
    • Calendars.ReadWrite: Needed for Outlook event sync
    • Mail.Read: Needed to show if there are unread messages for Outlook in the Launchpad
    • Sites.Read.All: Needed for access to read SharePoint Online sites and their files
  6. Select Grant admin consent for app_name for the added permissions and ensure the status for all permissions is marked Granted for your_tenant.

Activate the add-on in Haiilo

You need the "Manage system settings" and "Manage users, groups and roles" permissions to activate the integration and assign permission for users to use it.

Activate the integration

  1. In Haiilo, go to Administration System settings > General settings
  2. Scroll down to Activate integration
  3. Select Microsoft 365
  4. Select Save to apply changes

Assign permission to users

  1. In Haiilo, go to Administration User management > Roles
  2. Select to edit the role for which you want to assign permission to use the Microsoft add-on features, e.g., a User role
  3. Under Integrations, enable the "Activate Microsoft 365" permission
    • If you want users to be able to start Microsoft Teams chats from Haiilo, you should additionally assign the "Send messages via Microsoft Teams" permission.
  4. Select Save to apply changes to the role

After this, all users with the assigned role who are authenticated with their Microsoft credentials can use the Microsoft 365 add-on features.

Users can turn on or off Outlook Calendar sync in their account settings to choose whether events are synced to their calendars or not. The setting is turned on by default.

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