Updating the error page

When you encounter an issue trying to access a certain area on the Haiilo platform, such as entering an incorrect URL or not having the required permission to view it, an error page will appear.

The error page is designed to help you out by providing links to take you back to the homepage or other sections of the platform that you can access.

Default error page overview

By default, the page looks as follows:

default error page.png

By selecting Back to home, you can navigate to your platform's primary homepage. Alternatively, you can go directly to a specific platform section by selecting a link under Other links. By default, links to the Pages, Communities, and Events sections are displayed.

A message at the bottom of the page displays "This page is part of your_network_name". The network name is taken from what you've set in Administration > System settings > General settings > Network Name.

Update the error page's text

You can change the text on the error page by updating the appropriate language keys. You need "Manage languages" permission to edit language keys.

These are the language keys for the error page:


Below, we provide an example of updating the Other Links section's links.

  1. Go to Administration > Languages > Interface translations
  2. Select the language for which you want to edit a language key. You will need to change a key for each of your platform's languages separately.
  4. Select the Edit placeholder in the Override column for that key
  5. Enter your custom translation in Markdown, e.g.:
    • - [Link 1 title](URL for link 1 in https://... format)
      - [Link 2 title](URL for link 2 in https://... format)
      - [Link 3 title](URL for link 3 in https://... format)
  6. Select Enter on your keyboard to save your custom links

After saving, the new links should be displayed on the error page for users.

edit error page language key.png

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