Using Digital Signage

Companies need to provide important company news to all their employees, including those who work onsite. With digital signage, you can stream Multichannel posts on your company's screens. Posts are added to digital signage when creating or editing posts in the Studio.

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Digital Signage overview

For Studio editors

You can access your digital signage screen by adding /signage to your platform URL. For example, if your platform is accessible at, you can view the digital signage screen by going to You need to be logged in to view the screen. 

Each post displayed in digital signage includes:

  • Date of the publication
  • Teaser title
  • Teaser text
  • Teaser image (only 1)
  • QR code leading to the full post (optional)

The background gradient behind the postcard is automatically generated from the teaser image.

The posts change automatically on the digital signage screen with a transition effect after a set time. You can edit the behavior of digital signage by editing the URL.

Once a post is read, the views will be counted and included in the metrics displayed in your Multichannel Analytics.

If no post is enabled for digital signage, the logo and background color set in the Administration > Themes will display if you visit the signage URL.

For users

Users need an active account to access the full post via QR code. The post will open under the following scenarios:

  • The user uses the Haiilo mobile app and is logged in: The full post opens within the Haiilo mobile app
  • The user uses the Haiilo mobile app but is not logged in: The user is taken to the Haiilo mobile app to log in. After successful login, the full post opens in the app.
  • The user doesn't use the Haiilo mobile app but is logged in on the mobile web browser: The full post opens in the mobile web browser.
  • The user doesn't use the Haiilo mobile app and is not logged in on the mobile web browser: The user is taken to the mobile web browser to log in. After successful login, the full post opens in the browser.

Customize the Digital Signage screen

The default digital signage screen displays four posts, includes a QR code, and shows posts in your platform's default language, among other parameters.

If you'd like to customize the digital signage screen, you can do so by adding parameters to the URL. Here's an example of an edited digital signage URL:
Parameter Value format/options Default value Description

Language tag, e.g., de, en, fr

Example: lang=en


For multi-language posts.

Defines that posts are displayed on digital signage in a specified language as long as the posts have been provided in that language during post-creation.

If posts are not provided in the specified language, they will still display on digital signage, but in the language the posts were created first in.


Number, e.g., 1, 5, 60

Example: max=4

4 posts

Defines the maximum number of posts that will display one after the other on digital signage. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 100.

If you set a number lower than the sum of all posts that would be enabled for signage, only the most recently published posts will appear. 

publisher User or Page ID. Example:publisher=89a0bb78-1cde-789f-gh51-123456ab7m8 None Defines that only posts published by a specific user or page should be displayed.
  • Targeted to an individual user: DIRECT:{userId}
  • Targeted to a group: GROUP:{groupId}
  • Targeted to a page: PAGE:{pageId}


Only posts where the audience has been selected as Everyone will display on the screen. Defines that only posts targeted to a specific page or audience group should be displayed.

Number (in seconds), e.g., 6, 180

Example: time=6

10 seconds Defines how many seconds a post should be displayed on the screen.

slide, fade, or coverflow

Example: effect=slide

fade Defines the transition effect between posts.

true or false

Example: qr=false


Defines whether a QR code leading to the post is displayed or not.

true or false

Example: update=true

true Defines whether or not the screen automatically updates with new posts and changes every minute. If false, a reload of the URL is needed for changes to be reflected. Updates include new posts added to and edited posts removed from digital signage.

Set up Digital Signage on your company's screen

To set up the digital signage screen at your company, do the following:

  1. Publish posts in the Studio and select the Digital Signage channel to have them appear on the screen
  2. Customize the digital signage screen and how posts are displayed on it by adding the parameters you'd like to use
  3. When you're pleased with the screen, copy the edited digital signage URL
  4. Open a browser window on the TV or monitor where you want to display digital signage
  5. Log in to your Haiilo platform, e.g., with a new local user account you created to use for the digital signage screen (see tip below)
  6. Input the copied URL in the browser's address bar and press Enter

The digital signage screen should display, and your employees can view the selected Multichannel posts on the TV or monitor to be updated on company news. Repeat the process for any other location where you'd like to display digital signage.

Since only a logged-in user account is needed to view the digital signage screen, we recommend creating a new local user with a role with limited permissions that is only used for the digital signage screen. This ensures the account used for digital signage can only be used for defined actions on your platform. Depending on the parameters you use to customize the digital signage URL, you might need to subscribe the user to pages, add the user to groups, etc., to ensure the user is included in your post's targeted audience.

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