Editing Studio posts

You can edit published Multichannel posts that you are the creator of. You need "Access Multichannel Studio", "Create, edit and delete posts", and "Publish posts" permissions to edit posts. A user with moderator access can access and edit all posts.

Posts that require read confirmation from recipients cannot be edited after publication.

Edit a post

  1. Go to the Studio from the main navigation bar
  2. Find and open the post you want to edit from Dashboard > My published posts or by searching in the Calendar and selecting in the mini-preview
  3. Select Edit in the editor toolbar
  4. You can then edit the following areas:
    • Publish as
    • Post title
    • Post text and its content
    • Teaser title, text, and image
    • Add the post in additional languages or remove a language (Multichannel only)
    • Add the post to the Featured posts widget
    • Add the post to Digital Signage
  5. When you're done making changes, select Publish changes. Alternatively, to revert to the original post, select Discard.

The original post creator and publish date remain the same even after a post has been edited. When a post is being edited, the current version of the post remains live until the changes have been published.

edit a post in the studio. edits already been made.png

View an edited post

After a post is edited, the calendar mini-preview displays an Edited label. The editor also shows who made the last edit and when. An edited post is updated as follows:

  • On the timeline: The post is updated with the new content but is only visible to the user after they reload their browser session. An Edited label is displayed next to the date and time of the initial publication.
  • In the Features posts widget: The teaser title and text are updated.
  • On MS Teams: The teaser title and text are updated.
  • On Slack: The content is updated for Slack.
  • On Email: Any changes you make to a post sent via email are not applied to the email channel, as a sent email cannot be edited. No new email is sent either.

edited multichannel post on the timeline.png

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