Trending blog articles widget

The trending blog articles widget displays the most viewed, liked, and commented-on articles within a specific timeframe, including those in sources users aren't subscribed to but have permissions to view, e.g., public pages. The widget displays an article's title, teaser text and image (if selected), and the number of likes and comments received. Users can sort the widget to view articles by total views, comments, likes, or a smart algorithm.

For users to be able to filter by "views", your platform needs to use Haiilo Analytics.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget:

  • Blogs: Select All to include all blog articles from within the platform. If you only want to display articles from Selected blog apps, select the respective apps.
  • Display articles from: Select the time range for which the articles are shown, based on publish date: Last week, Last two weeks, or Last month.
  • Default sorting by: Determine the default sorting method for articles in the widget: LikesViews, Comments, or Smart sorting (views, comments, and likes combined). Each user can customize the sorting, and the last setting is saved locally for them.
  • Number of articles: Select how many articles are displayed at once. The default is 5, and the maximum is 50.
  • Show teaser images: Check the box if you want the widget to display articles' teaser images.
  • Show teaser text: Check the box if you want the widget to display an articles' teaser texts.
  • Display as: Choose how the widget displays articles: List, Cards, or Slider.

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