Configuring Surveys settings

You can access Surveys settings under Surveys > Organization with the "Surveys Admin Access" permission.


In Surveys > Organization > Company, you can define:

  • Dashboard name: You enter a name that is displayed in your campaign message when sent, e.g., "X is giving you the floor!"
  • Logo: You upload a logo that is displayed in your campaign message when sent. The logo should be max. 10MB and file format .png, .svg, or .jp(e)g.
  • Languages: You can choose the languages for your surveys, allowing users to view questions in their preferred language. Your custom survey questions need to be manually translated into all enabled languages.
  • OpenAI key: If the AI Companion has been enabled for your platform, you can activate it by inputting your company's OpenAI key in your settings.
    • To use the AI Companion, you need a subscription or license with OpenAI. This means your company needs to set up a contract with OpenAI. For more information, visit OpenAI's website.
    • The API key you add in the settings is stored and hosted on Haiilo servers with state-of-the-art encryption, following Haiilo's standard data protection policies. For security reasons, the key isn't visible in the settings after being saved.

Activate AI Companion Surveys.png

Users and segmentation

All active Haiilo platform users are automatically synchronized to Surveys, except for external community members. You can see a list of users in Surveys > Organization > Users. The list includes a user's email address, Surveys role, and filter or profile field information. You can edit a user by selecting them. You can exclude users from campaigns and determine their roles in the edit window.

For managers, you can additionally determine if they are allowed to create campaigns alongside being able to view their team's results. 

In Surveys > Organization > Segmentation, you can view the distribution of your filters or profile fields across the company. In this example, 56.2% of respondents are located in Hamburg.



In Surveys > Organization > Filters, you can synchronize users' text-based profile fields for better filtering capabilities. Currently, only text-type profile fields (such as "Department") are available for synchronization, and they are automatically updated in real-time whenever a user's profile changes.

By selecting Import filters from Haiilo, you can choose which profile fields to import as filters for your users. However, it's not recommended to rely on profile fields that are manually maintained by users, which are marked with an asterisk in the selection.



During your onboarding, you can define the channels you want to use to send your surveys. The Surveys user interface in the platform is always enabled as a channel, and surveys are shown there automatically without needing to select the option when creating a campaign.

If you select multiple channels, a user from the target group will receive a notification in the first available channel for them. The order in which users receive a notification is predetermined as follows, based on the options you have selected:

  • Microsoft Teams: Campaigns are sent to the respondents as an MS Teams app message. Requirement: MS Teams integration is enabled, and the user is synced from Microsoft.
  • Slack: Campaigns are sent to the respondents as a Slack app message. Requirement: the Slack integration is enabled, and the user is linked to a Slack user. Learn more in this article:
  • Email: Campaigns are emailed to the respondents. Requirement: The user has an email address. Learn more in this article:

If you want to add a channel after onboarding, you can contact our Service Desk.

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