Timeline widget

The Timeline widget acts as your personal newsfeed on the homepage. It shows news and posts from pages, communities, events, and persons you are subscribed to. The widget can be installed anywhere you can edit the layout, but typically, it is purely located on your homepage.

Set up the widget

The Timeline widget has no configuration settings when it's added; it simply adds a timeline that acts as a personal newsfeed for each user. The timeline widget only displays information corresponding to the individual user's subscriptions. This information comes from:

  • Pages that you're subscribed to
  • Communities you're a member of
  • Events you're attending
  • Posts published on another user's profile that you follow
  • Posts published on your profile

The timeline displays posts in chronological order based on when they were created. Important posts, known as sticky posts, are pinned to the top to draw attention to them. Additionally, if an old post is shared again, it will appear further up on the timeline. When you have new content in your newsfeed, you will see a "You have X new post(s). Click here to show" message indicating the number of new posts you haven't seen yet.

There is also a Timeline app and a personal profile timeline, but they have different purposes than the widget. Although all timelines have the same options for creating and configuring posts, the timeline app functions like a communication channel instead of a newsfeed, and your personal profile timeline only displays activities you're directly related to. Read Timeline overview for more information.

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