Link button widget

The Link button widget allows you to link internal and external sources with the use of a prominent button.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget:

  • Title: Enter a meaningful title for the button that describes its linked location.
  • Style: Choose from six different color schemes that rely on your active design theme.
  • URL: Enter the URL you want to link to. For external sources, you need to type in the full URL, including https://. Locations within your platform can be linked beginning with the / after your platform URL (e.g., /pages/people-culture/apps/blog/people-news).
  • Open the link in a new browser tab: Decide if you want to open the linked source in a new or the same tab. Typically, internal locations get linked in the same tab, while external websites are opened in a new tab.

Link button en.png

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