Single file widget

The Single file widget highlights one selected file for your users and can be installed at a given location. If a user selects the file, it opens in preview mode directly on the platform. By selecting the download link, a direct download starts.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget:

  • Select file:¬†Upload a file from your computer or select one from a library within the platform.
  • Hide preview image: Select if you want to display or hide the preview image. If the widget provides a document, the first page of the document gets previewed.
  • Hide date: Select if you want to hide or show the upload date.
  • Hide origin: Select if the page where the file is stored should be hidden.
  • Hide download link: Check the box if you don't want to provide a link to download the file directly.

Single file.png

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