I'm having issues establishing a user directory connection. What can I do?

java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Haiilo is unable to connect to the LDAP server because it is unable to resolve the path it can use to the LDAP/Active Directory server. You should check and adjust this:

  • There might be a reverse proxy blocking the connection.
  • There might be a firewall between the servers blocking the port.
  • Haiilo Home cannot resolve the LDAP server hostname correctly.

No subject alternative DNS name matching <hostname> found

Haiilo can check the hostname in the SSL certificate when communicating with an LDAP server via SSL. This means that the hostname used to connect to the LDAP server must match the one in the SSL certificate, otherwise, Haiilo will not be able to connect to the directory.

Another possible cause of this problem is when the Synchronization > Follow Referrals option is enabled in the user directory configuration when connecting to an LDAP directory.

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