I cannot log in. What can I do?

Haiilo is a web-based software that can be accessed through any browser. If logging in fails, it's usually due to the browser settings and the selected network infrastructure. You can try these steps to remedy the issue.

  1. Try logging using incognito or private mode
    • If it works in incognito mode, the issue may be related to the browser cache. Clear the entire cache and try logging in again outside incognito mode.
  2. Try logging from another network, e.g., on a mobile device or with VPN disabled
    • If it works, the problem could be due to a lack of internet connection or a blocking infrastructure. In that case, please reach out to your internal IT department.
  3. Try logging in using a different browser
    • Different browsers can behave differently, which means an error that happens in one browser may not happen in another. If you need to report an error to our Service Desk, please inform us about the other browsers you have used to test the behavior.

  4. Disable adblockers temporarily or add an exception for Haiilo
    • If you use an adblocker to suppress ads on websites, some components of Haiilo may be blocked causing impaired performance and login errors. To avoid this, we suggest checking your adblocker and either temporarily deactivating it or adding an exception for Haiilo. You can control these settings in your browser. After making these adjustments, please check the login behavior again.
  5. Verify the Haiilo URL format
    • Please ensure that "www." is not included in the Haiilo URL. The connection will only work if the URL does not have "www." at the beginning. Here is an example of a properly entered URL: https://example.coyocloud.com

If none of these steps work, contact our service desk for assistance and mention the steps you've already tried.

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