Use case: Example terms of use

When introducing a new platform, ensuring that all employees understand how to operate the tool and its terms of use is essential to set the basis for a successful start. You can define mandatory terms of use for your users, which they must agree to before accessing and using your Haiilo platform.

Aim of terms of use

Before implementing terms of use, consider their objectives:

  • Establishing guidelines for usage
  • Protecting company assets
  • Cultivating respectful communication
  • Maintain security
  • Preventing misuse

Set up in Haiilo

For the setup, take a look at this article. Below are example terms of use that you're welcome to use, change, or expand upon for the terms of use feature.


Here's an example of how your terms of use could look like:

  1. Be recognizable for your colleagues
    Use your profile picture to give yourself a face and allow other colleagues to recognize you. With each employee's personal profile, we create an internal network and connect experts to each other.

  2. Communicate with respect
    Display respectful, friendly conduct towards others. We consider freedom of expression to be one of the basic manners of conduct and something that also belongs on Haiilo. Respect the opinions of others and never force your personal viewpoint on anyone. Insults, sexual innuendos, sexist or racist comments are prohibited and will not be tolerated by us as a company.

  3. Pay attention to the content of your posts
    The posts can be personal and work-related but should relate to our company departments or promote team spirit (e.g., arranging joint activities during the lunch break or after work). Each employee is responsible for the content and publication of their own posts.

  4. Be careful when using pictures
    If you use pictures in Haiilo, please make sure that the people shown in them have agreed to using the picture.

  5. Pay attention to copyright
    This applies to uploading and sharing files, images and texts. Always cite the source if you're using other content that isn't your intellectual property. What's more, only the copyright holder is entitled to reproduce content.

  6. Pay attention to the content of your links
    Links to other posts on our platform, the Internet, or other IT systems are welcome. Please ensure you are not linking to any unlawful, obscene, or defamatory material.

  7. Log out
    Haiilo offers you mobile access to your data. Always ensure that you log out properly when you leave the platform. This is especially important if you access our portal on other people's devices. 

Further tips & tricks

  • If you're using tools that, e.g., work with cookies, it's sensible to explain this to your users in the terms of use and obtain consent from them. Frequently used tools include Google Analytics and Matomo (formerly Piwik).

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