Events on mobile

You can access and reply to events directly in the Haiilo mobile app. To access events, you need the "Access events" permission.

Find events in the app

  1. Select in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Select Events

You can also access an event shared as a timeline post or anywhere else in the app and from deep links outside the app.

View events in the app

In the events list, you can see three tabs:

  • All: Shows all present and future events available to you in the platform
  • Invited: Shows events you have been invited to
  • Attending: Shows events you have accepted

You can reply to an event invitation on the events list or inside the event itself.

The Location field in an event supports URLs and deep links to other apps installed on your mobile, such as Zoom or Teams, so you can easily join an online event from the app.

events on mobile.png

Currently, there are some specific guidelines to keep in mind for events on mobile:

  • Filtering or searching the event list isn't possible
  • Events cannot be edited on mobile
  • You can see the number of attending participants but not the full list of participants

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