Using AVA in the Studio

AVA is a helpful writing assistant in the Studio that helps you save time when creating Multichannel posts. To use AVA in the Studio, it needs to be enabled for your platform and you need the "Create, edit and delete posts" and "Access Multichannel Studio" permissions.

Use AVA in the Studio

In the Studio, you can use AVA as follows:

  1. Start a new post
  2. Add a slash / or write and highlight a prompt, e.g., "why communicating with your employees on their preferred channels is key"
  3. Select the AI popup and choose an action for AVA. The following actions are available:
    • Change your text's tonality to be more Friendly, Formal, or Professional
    • Make your text longer or shorter
    • Summarize a text you've written, allowing you to create a blurb or TLDR excerpt
    • Simplify your text to ensure your users understand it
    • Generate hashtags to accompany the text you've written
  4. Wait while AVA is typing
  5. When AVA is done, a response is generated, and you can decide how to proceed:
    • Discard: The generated response is discarded. You can try changing your original prompt before requesting a new response
    • Replace: AVA replaces your original text with the generated response. Your original text is discarded.
    • Insert below: AVA inserts the generated response into your post below your original text.


After inserting AVA's response, you can manually edit the text or highlight a section and ask AVA to complete another action.

We always recommend proofreading your AVA-generated content before publishing a post to ensure its validity, integrity, and relevance. We also recommend disclosing to your targeted audience that your content has been created with the help of or entirely by AI.


Below, you'll find two known limitations and their explanations.

Generated hashtags are not linked or clickable.

When generating hashtags, the hashtags will appear as static text instead of clickable text. You can quickly identify this by their color: static hashtags will appear in the same color as your text, while clickable hashtags will appear in your theme's link color.

To make your hashtags clickable, copy a hashtag and paste it back into the post. A pop-up appears where you can select the hashtag or create a new hashtag.


Issues with language

Haiilo cannot guarantee that you will receive your AVA-generated content in your original input language. The output is determined by the AI provider's language models.

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