Additional widgets

This article briefly outlines the functionality of other common widgets in the Haiilo platform.

Callout widget

The Callout widget adds a box highlighting important information to your users. The widget has four preset styles, each with a different color and icon. When selecting the type of information you want to emphasize, choose the style option that best meets your needs.

  • Default: A white box with a light grey border
  • Primary: The Main button background color as defined in your platform theme
  • Success: A green box
  • Info: A blue box
  • Warning: A yellow box
  • Danger: A red box

callout widget.png

You can also select to hide the icon and simply display the text in the widget. Add your text and select Save, and your callout box will be displayed.

Poll widget

The Poll widget allows you to create a simple one-question poll for your users. You should add a question and description for your poll and answer options that your users can choose from. You can also allow users to add their own answer options.

Under Extended options, you can:

  • Define the max answers allowed per user (multiple-choice)
  • Allow users to vote anonymously
  • Allow users to see the results
  • Close a poll. A closed poll is still displayed, but users cannot answer anymore.
  • Allow users to add answers. All users can then vote on these custom answers. Custom answers can be deleted by the contributor and the widget admins.

After the poll has been created, you can navigate back to the widget settings, and a Results tab will be displayed showing the poll's results.

add custom answer.png

Suggested pages widget

The Suggested Pages widget displays pages recommended by admins for users to subscribe to. Admins choose which and how many pages are displayed. Users only see pages they aren't subscribed to. Pages are sorted alphabetically.

Suggested communities widget

The Suggested Communities widget promotes manually selected public communities. Users only see communities they aren't members of and can join a community by selecting the + symbol. Admins can select up to 50 communities to display in the widget and arrange them by drag and drop.

Online users widget

In the Online users widget, you can see the users who have an active WebSocket connection. If you select the displayed number of users, you are forwarded to a filtered overview of users. The filter on this overview page shows the users who have an active WebSocket connection and have set their status to Online. As a result, the number of users on the overview page can sometimes be lower than those within the widget.

Welcome widget

The Welcome widget displays a short greeting message followed by their name and user avatar. You decide the message that is shown, e.g., "Welcome to Haiilo!". You can also choose to display the user's set cover image in the welcome box. If the user has no cover image, a white background is shown instead. 


We recommend using the widget on, e.g., a homepage that new users see when they join the platform, allowing them to be warmly welcomed.

Complete profile widget

The Complete profile widget displays a list of six actions that a user should take to complete a so-called onboarding journey. Actions that have been completed are marked with a green checkmark, and actions that have yet to be completed are marked with a red X. You can decide the title for the widget to guide your users on what to do.


When a user completes all six actions, the widget disappears for them, as they have completed all actions and hence, their profile. We recommend using the widget on, e.g., a homepage to help activate your users with Haiilo.

Do you know? widget

The Do you know? widget makes it easy for you to get to know new colleagues on your platform and expand your network, even outside of your department. You can see up to three randomly selected users within the widget. When creating the widget, you can specify which user group's users should be displayed in the widget.


You cannot see the widget if you (1) already follow all of your colleagues in the company or (2) don't follow anyone in the company yet. The Reload sign refreshes your suggestions.

New colleagues widget

The New colleagues widget shows you all the new users that you have not followed yet, and that have been created within the last 30 days. When creating the widget, you can specify which user group's users should be displayed in the widget.

The suggestions in the widget are sorted chronologically by the date on which the users were created. The newest colleagues appear at the top.


You are first shown three colleagues. Using the three dots at the bottom of the widget, you can load more colleagues. Once you follow a colleague from the list, they are no longer shown to you.

Upcoming birthdays

The Upcoming birthdays widget shows you which colleagues' birthdays are coming up soon. When creating the widget, you determine the following:

  • How many days in advance of the birthday should the entry be displayed,
  • The number of birthdays displayed,
  • Whether all or subscribed users should be included,
  • Whether the age should be shown. If the age is shown for everyone, an individual user can avoid this by leaving the year off their birthday in their user profile.

If a colleague changes their birthday in the user profile, it takes around 15 minutes before this is updated in the widget. Colleagues whose birthday is on February 29th are shown on this day every year, even if it's not a leap year.

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