Roles and permissions for Surveys

To build up a functional roles and rights concept for your Surveys module, you need to define which users should get the role "Admin" and "Manager" roles.

Admin role

An admin has full rights in the survey module. This person can view all group-specific and company-wide results, provide all available segments and groups of people with surveys, and manage the module. This role should only be held by very selected people.

Manager role

A manager can view and evaluate campaign results just like an admin. The difference is that, unlike an admin, the view granted is limited to the manager's own area or team. In addition, it can be defined individually for each manager whether they can create and send campaigns of their own (to their respective team).

For a manager to view the results of the team assigned to them, the supervisor relationship needs to be correctly maintained in the synchronized user directory. If the supervisor relationship is not maintained, the role "Manager" does not apply, and the corresponding person cannot use the survey module. Also, only results from groups of five or more people can be viewed. This guarantees the anonymity of the answers given.


  1. Check whether the supervisor relationship is maintained in your linked user directory. If this is the case, synchronize this information with your Haiilo platform.
  2. Assign the permissions to the users that will be admins and managers from Administration > User management > Roles. If you bundle your managers in a group within the synchronized user directory, assign the manager role to the corresponding synchronized group for easier management.
    • Give the "Surveys Admin Access" permission to admins
    • Give the "Access Surveys" permission to managers
  3. Decide which managers can both view the results of their team and create and send their own campaigns. You can define this on a user level from Surveys > Organization > Users by selecting a manager in the list.

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