Advocacy: Customize your channels on mobile

You can easily edit your channel subscriptions for your Haiilo feed in the Haiilo mobile app. Remember that you have to be subscribed to channel(s) in Haiilo in order to see content on your feed. Based on your interests within the company, you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to different channels

You can see your Channel list in the mobile app by clicking the three horizontal lines IMG_0056.jpg in the upper left corner under the Postfeed tab. You can customize your list by choosing 'Customize my feed'.


In the list, you can see all channels that are available to you in your company Haiilo domain. You can identify the channels  that you are subscribed to from the red checkmark-button and channels that you are not yet subscribed to from the grey checkmark-button. If there are any checkmark-buttons that are dimmed out, this signifies that those channels are Essential, whereby they are mandatory for you and you cannot unsubscribe from them. 

You are also able to find and edit your channel list from the Settings section in the Haiilo mobile app. You can navigate to the settings from the Haiilo homepage by clicking your profile and then the gear-icon. In Settings, click on Channel subscriptions to see the channel list and be able to edit it.


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