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We are discontinuing this feature, so it will be removed from Haiilo in the future.

General information

Communicate directly with your colleagues and your team in Haiilo in our easy-to-use, built-in messaging functionality, Chat. The chat feature is available on desktop and mobile.

To access Chat, click on the Chat tab in the menu bar next to the Published tab. When you access Chat for the first time, you will be asked if you consent with the changes in Haiilo's Privacy Policy regarding the Chat-function. Please read the Privacy Policy before consenting.

After consenting, you will be taken directly to the Chat-function in Haiilo and can create a Chat conversation and see any messages people have sent to you already. Things to note regarding the chat function in Haiilo:

  • Chat messages cannot be deleted from conversations.

  • Whole chat conversations cannot be deleted.

  • Users cannot exit a group chat.

  • Chat messages cannot be translated.

Create a chat conversation

There are three types of Chat conversations in Haiilo:

  • 1-1 chatA conversation between you and one other person
  • Closed group chat A conversation between you and a select group of people. You choose which people you want to chat with when creating the chat. Participants cannot be added or removed later.
  • Open group chat (only Company Admins can create these types of Chat) – A conversation with a select group of people created by a Company Admin. Company Admins can choose which people they want to have in the chat when starting the chat and they are able to add and remove participants later. Open group chats also have names which helps you identify them in your Chat list. For example, in the image below the Open group chat can be identified by the name 'Marketing Team'. 

chat options.png

In practice and functionalities, all Chat types are the same meaning you can chat the same way in all types of chat conversations.

Notifications for Chat

When you receive messages in your Chat conversations, Haiilo will let you know that you have a new message waiting. If you are using Haiilo in your browser, you will see a little dot next to the Chat tab in the menu bar indicating that you have new unread messages. 

When you click on the Chat tab it will automatically open the chat where there are unread messages. If you have unread messages in multiple chats, Haiilo will open the chat where the latest message is and show you the other chats were messages are still unread.

Haiilo will not send email or in-app notifications for new Chat messages. If you are using the Haiilo mobile app, you will also receive push notifications on your phone for new Chat messages in Haiilo and you can easily navigate from the push notification directly to the Chat conversation in the Haiilo mobile app.

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