Advocacy: Share to Facebook

You can easily share Link and Article posts from Haiilo to Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon under a post when using Haiilo in a browser on a computer. To share an Image or Video post on Facebook using Haiilo, you must use the Haiilo Share mobile app. Sharing images or videos from Haiilo to Facebook on a computer is not possible. For iOS, you must also allow access to Photos for both the Haiilo Share app and the Facebook app in your phone's settings.

When you click the sharing icon for Facebook, it will open a small sharing window that will show you the post you want to share, however, to write your own sharing message and choose where on Facebook to share your post, click 'Continue to Facebook'. 

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 12.54.14.png

This will open the share in Facebook where you can choose where you want the post to be shared. You can share on a Facebook Page only if you manage the page. You can also add a sharing message, tag friends, check in somewhere, etc.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 12.55.14.png

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