Advocacy: Approving or Rejecting Proposed posts on mobile

As an Admin or Channel Manager, you are able to review posts that users have proposed directly from the Haiilo mobile app.

From the Postfeed, in the top part of the app click on Posts and you will see a drop-down menu from where you should choose Proposed to navigate to the Proposed feed. To review a post for publication, you can click on either the Continue or Reject-button under the post. 


To approve the post, click Continue. This will take you to the post creation window where you will be able to see and edit the information in the post, i.e. title, article body, image, and settings.

In the Configure step, you have to select individually for each channel that the post has been proposed to if the post is approved or rejected to that channel. You do this by choosing either the X or the checkmark next to each channel the post has been proposed to. You can distinguish which channels a post is proposed to from the text 'Pending for review' under the channel's name. 


When you either reject or approve the post to be published to the individual channels, the description will change to either 'Will be approved' or 'Will be rejected'. You can also choose additional channels to publish the post in by selecting them, if you like.  

After editing the post and approving or rejecting for each channel the post was proposed to, you can publish the post by choosing Done on the last step. 

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