Advocacy: Edit a proposed post

As a user if you want to make changes to your proposed post, you are able to edit your post and resubmit it for approval from your 'My Posts'-page as long as the post is still pending. 


Click 'Edit and Resubmit' under a post on the 'My Posts'-page to open the post creation flow for that post where you can edit the title, image and body description as well as the channels the post is proposed to and audience settings (internal or external post). When you are done making your desired changes, click 'Done' on the last step and your post will be resubmitted to the admins for approval in the selected channels. A new proposed post notification will be sent to the admins.


When an admin reviews your post, you will be notified via email of the review and which channels your post was approved, rejected for or is still pending in. You will also receive an in-app notification in Haiilo if your post is approved.


Once a post has been published or rejected, the post creator can no longer edit and resubmit it for approval. After a post has been published, only admins can edit the post. The post creator can still delete their post from Haiilo from the 'My Posts'-page.


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