Advocacy: Clicks and Reactions


Unique clicks represent how many people have clicked on a post you have shared to your social media networks. This includes anyone clicking the link that has originated from you even if it has been re-shared or distributed elsewhere from its original location. Clicks are a good indicator of how interesting your shares are to your network.


Please note that Haiilo only counts unique clicks, meaning if the same person clicks your post multiple times Haiilo will only count the first click. Clicks you receive on your shares are shown in Haiilo within a few minutes. You can receive points in Haiilo for your clicks.

Clicks are recorded for Link and Article posts, but not for Image and Video posts.

If a user's social media account is disconnected from Haiilo, clicks will stop being gathered for their shared posts.


Reactions in Haiilo refer to the Likes, Comments, and Reshares that you receive on your shared posts. You can view the Reactions you have received on your posts under the View My Insights-page. 


Reactions are fetched from LinkedIn, and no points are awarded for reactions.

Reactions are shown in Haiilo within 24 hours of the Like, Comment, etc. being received on your shared post. Haiilo gathers reactions from posts for up to 14 days from when the last reaction was received. Any reactions that your shared posts receive after over 14 days have passed since the post received its latest reaction will no longer be updated.

For example, if your post receives a reaction on day 5 from when it was shared, Haiilo will gather reactions for another 14 days from that day and if you receive a reaction on your post again on, e.g., day 16, reactions will be gathered another 14 days after that, and so on. But when you don't receive any reactions within 14 days, Haiilo will stop gathering reactions for that post.

If a user's social media account is disconnected from Haiilo, reactions will stop being gathered for their shared posts.

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