Advocacy: Email Newsletters - Create an Email

To create an email, follow these easy steps:

1. Click the Emails tab in the menu bar

2. Click Screenshot_2021-07-08_at_13.17.08.png

3. Create and design your email

4. Click Screenshot_2021-07-08_at_13.40.22.png

5. Add your audience by searching for groups, teams or individual users in Haiilo and/or upload a csv file with email addresses and names of the recipients


6. Click Screenshot_2021-07-08_at_13.40.22.png

7. Input your Email info

– Set an internal name for your Email so you can easily find it in your Emails list in Haiilo

– Set a subject for your email that will be shown to your recipients

– Set a name that will appear as the 'From' name for your email in your recipients' inboxes


8. Click Screenshot_2021-07-08_at_13.40.22.png

9. Select a time for when your email will be sent


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