Advocacy: Surveys

Only Company and Group Admins can create surveys.

If you want to gather feedback from your Haiilo users, you can create a Survey or poll with various question types directly in Haiilo. Your survey will display in the Haiilo feed for your users.


To create a survey, you simply set a title, provide a description for your survey, and add questions to it. Some general information about surveys in Haiilo includes:

  • Surveys are only for internal usage. They cannot be shared externally.
  • Only the admin who created the survey is able to export the survey results from the Survey post on the Haiilo feed.
  • Survey posts have the same default image. The image cannot be changed.

Step 1: Set a title and description

In the first step you have to give your Survey post a title and a description so your users know what your survey is about. Write all the information about your survey that you want your users to know in these fields. 


The title and description will be visible in the survey preview on the Haiilo feed and to users when they open the survey to complete it. 

Step 2: Add questions

On this step, you get to add questions to your survey. You can choose between four types of questions:

  • Single-choice: users can choose only one answer from a list of options
  • Multi-choice: users can choose multiple answers from a list of options
  • Short text: users can write a short answer to the question. There is no character limitation on short answers.
  • Long text: users can write a long answer to the question. There is no character limitation on long answers.


For all questions you add a title and for the choice questions you also add some options for your users to choose from. By default your questions will have three options that you can rename. You can also add options by clicking the Screenshot_2021-10-12_at_14.01.10.png button under a question. For single-choice and multi-choice questions, you can easily add 'Other' as an option which will open a text box for users where they can write in a free response. Additionally, for multi-choice questions, you can add the options 'None' or 'Select All'

Above each question you create you will also see some additional buttons; these are explained below:

  • Delete question: clicking this button will delete the current question
  • Mandatory or optional question: with this button you can choose whether the question is mandatory for users to fill out or not. A mandatory question can be distinguished from the asterisk next to the title. When you first create a question, it will be marked as optional by default so you have to select this icon to make it mandatory.


After having added all the questions for your survey, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Configure

Now you will be able to select the channels where you want your survey to appear. You can post your survey in multiple channels, if you wish.


You can configure your post settings more, e.g., choose to Notify users immediately when your survey is published to send a email to all users with the survey post, or make your post a Featured post so that it appears at the top of the Haiilo feed.

Read confirmation is disabled for survey posts and cannot be selected. Furthermore, as surveys can only be for Internal reading, the audience is automatically selected and cannot be changed. 

Step 4: Confirm

In the provided field, you can write any additional comments about your survey, for example, a note asking people to fill in the survey and have their voices heard. In this step, you can also see a preview of your survey and how it will appear when published.

Once you are happy with your survey, please click the Done-button to publish it. Your survey post will display as below in the Haiilo feed:


Please note that the image displayed for surveys is fixed and cannot be changed.


Please note the following about surveys in Haiilo:

  • Users are not able to edit their responses for surveys after they have submitted them. After a user has submitted their survey response, they will no longer be able to see or edit the survey or their answers.

  • There is no anonymous responder possibility for survey posts in Haiilo. The admin who created the survey will always be able to see who has responded and what they have responded to. Haiilo automatically stores the user's name, email, group, and team when they respond to a survey.

  • The admin that created the survey post in Haiilo can export a csv with the survey responses. Other admins cannot access the report. The export will show the user's name, email, group, and team automatically, followed by the questions and the users' responses. 


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