Advocacy: The 'My Posts'-page

The 'My Posts'-page is the easiest way for you to find the content that you have created or proposed in Haiilo. You can navigate to the My Posts-page either from the top-right corner of your Haiilo feed, or from the drop-down menu under your profile by selecting Profile.


The 'My Posts'-page shows you all the content that you have created and proposed in Haiilo. You can also see the status for your proposed posts:

  • Approved: this means your post has been published and is visible to other users and shareable, if applicable. You can view your post on the Published feed in the channels it has been published to.
  • Rejected: this means your post has been rejected from being published and is not visible to anyone on the Haiilo feed. 
  • Pending: this means your post is waiting for an admin to review it and either approve or reject it. Pending posts can be edited and resubmitted for approval.

By clicking on the Approved, Rejected or Pending statuses you can see in which channels the post has been published/proposed. If a post is still pending, you can also edit proposed post from the 'My Posts'-page.


Under a post on the 'My Posts'-page, you can also see the feedback section. This section will show under every post you have created and there you can see if an admin or manager has left some feedback on your post. You can join the discussion by adding your own comments. The page is only visible to you as the author of the post and the admins, so any conversation you have with your admins is hidden from other Haiilo users. 


If an admin leaves feedback on your post, you will receive an email from Haiilo with a link to the post in question so you can easily see and respond to the feedback. The admin who left the feedback will be informed when you respond.

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