Advocacy: Create an Article post

If you want to write your own Article in Haiilo, for example if you want to share your expertise in an area, you are able to manually write a post in Haiilo and propose it for publication. In an Article post, you are also able to edit the style of the text. 


To start writing an Article post, all you need as an idea of what you want to say and how you want to write it. It's as easy as that! 


Step 1: Add your text

The Article layout in Haiilo is blank to allow you to freely write and create your own Article. You have to give your Article a title and write the Article body. You can choose to upload an image or publish your Article without an image. 


You can edit the text in the Article body to include bold, cursive or underlined text.  You are also able to add hyperlinks and bullet lists. 



Step 2: Configure

On this step, you will be able to select the channels where you want your proposed post to appear. You can propose a post to multiple channels when creating the post.


You can decide if this post should be recommended for External sharing or just for Internal reading. If the post is for external sharing, you can also write your recommended sharing messages for each network and choose which sharing networks the post can be shared to. (Please note that anything you select can be changed by the Admins when they are reviewing the post.)


Step 3: Confirm

In the provided field, you can write any additional comments about the article, for example what your article is about or why you want to share it with your colleagues on Haiilo. 


Once you are happy with your post, please click the Done-button to submit the post to be approved. After the admins have approved your post, it will then appear on the main news feed. 

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