Advocacy: Searching for content

In Haiilo you are able to search for content easily by using the Search-bar in the Published feed. This way, you can always find any piece of content that you saw earlier and want to revisit. You simply need to know a word to search with!


You can search for content with keywords and any post where that word is found in the title or body of a post or the post author's name will appear in the Search results. It is recommended that you search with only one word at a time.


There are some important things to note regarding searching in Haiilo:

  • You can only search with letters that are a part of the English alphabet. Haiilo cannot identify special characters such as ä, ø or ß.
  • When you are done searching, remember to click on the Published feed button again to be taken back to the regular feed. Otherwise, you will remain in the Search results feed. 

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