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The Post on behalf feature gives you the possibility to allow a user, or multiple, to create content or share content on behalf of another user. For example, this enables your C-level executives or other users that don't have the time to create or share their own content to allow their assistants the permission to create and share to their networks on their behalf.


There are a few key terms to understand about the Post on behalf feature:

  • Collaboration: the relationship between a Content Owner and their Content Writer(s) is referred to as a collaboration.

  • Content owner: the user on whose behalf the content is created and shared. This user's name will appear as the content creator, and shares will be shown on their social network accounts.

    • In our example images, the content owner is called John Smith.

  • Content writer: the user that creates and shares the content on behalf of the owner. This user's participation in creating and sharing content on behalf of the owner is hidden from other users; their name does not appear on the posts or the shares.

    • In our example images, the content writer is called Jade Sanchez. She has been given permission to create and share content on behalf of John Smith.


Set up a Post on behalf collaboration

Follow the easy steps below to set up a Post on behalf collaboration between a Content Owner and Content Writer(s). Please note that only a Company Admin can set up a collaboration.

1. Navigate to Administration -- Settings -- Post on behalfScreenshot_2022-09-14_at_11.11.02.png

2. Click Screenshot_2022-10-03_at_10.04.53.png

3. Add a Content Owner by searching with part of their name and selecting them from the list


4. Add a Content Writer by searching with part of their name and selecting them from the list

5. Decide whether the Content Writer can create content (Post creation) and/or share content (External Share) on behalf of the Content Owner. Check the boxes accordingly.


6. If applicable, add another Content Writer. You can have multiple Content Writers for one Owner.

7. When you are ready, click 'Save' to add the collaboration

After an Admin has set up a collaboration, an email is sent to the Content Owner for them to approve or reject the collaboration. The status will show as Pending until the Owner has reviewed the collaboration, after which the status will change to Approved or Declined


Only after the Owner has reviewed a collaboration will it become active, and the Writers will be informed via email that they can create and/or share content on behalf of the Owner.

Guidelines & restrictions for the Post on behalf feature

Role restrictions:

  • A Company or Group Admin cannot be a Content Owner, but they can be a Content Writer.

  • A Content Owner cannot be a Content Writer for someone else; vice versa, a Content Writer for someone, cannot be a Content Owner themselves.

A Content Owner can have multiple Content Writers that are allowed to create and/or share content on their behalf. The permissions are given on a user-level, so, e.g., one Writer can be allowed only to create content while another can be allowed to create and share content. Screenshot_2022-09-14_at_11.17.01_copy.png

Currently, sharing on behalf is only available for LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Both the Content Owner and the Content Writer have to have connected their social media accounts to Haiilo for the sharing on behalf to be successful. Haiilo needs to validate the share via the Content Writer's social account before sharing on the Content Owner's account.Screenshot_2022-09-23_at_11.44.36.png

When a Content Writer creates content as the Content Owner, the Content Owner's channel and language settings are used.

A Content Owner can delete a collaboration from their profile settings, however, an Owner can only delete all Writers at once or none. Screenshot_2022-09-19_at_12.03.50.png

  • If the Owner wants to remove only a specific Content Writer, they can ask a Company Admin for assistance. Company Admins can delete individual Content Writers from a collaboration

After a post has been created by a Content Writer, it will be treated as a post created by the Owner.

The Content Owner and Company Admins will be able to see which writer created it, when it was created and when it was released


A Content Writer also has access to a Post on behalf feed where they can see the content they have created on behalf of an Owner. 


The post will go through the normal approval process and needs to be approved by an admin before it appears on the feed. If any edits need to be made to the post before it is approved, these can only be done by the Content Owner. Therefore in the cases where edits need to be made, it is recommended that the Content Writer creates an entirely new post, including the suggested improvements, and for the original post to be rejected by the admins.

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