Advocacy: Sharing from Haiilo overview

At the moment, Haiilo supports sharing to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Xing on a desktop as well as Generic direct share links, which can be copied and pasted to any other network.

On the Haiilo mobile app, you can share to the above-mentioned networks, but also to Instagram and WeChat.

The available sharing options can vary depending on your company Haiilo domain's settings.

General instructions

The sharing process itself is simple and can be summarized in four easy steps:

  1. Find the post you wish to share.
  2. Click on the icon under the post representing the social media network you wish to share the post to. 
  3. Write your own thoughts or any additional comments about the post in a sharing message. Your admins or colleagues might also have already written in a suggested sharing message, which you can either keep, edit, or remove.

  4. Click 'Share now' to share the post immediately. You can also choose to schedule the share for later or use Smart Share

Alternatively, you can also use the social media icons that are found on the top of the pop-up when you click to open a post on the Haiilo feed.



Capabilities for specific social networks

The table below shows what is possible with Haiilo for specific networks.

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