Advocacy: Change someone's role

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This guide details how to change someone's role in Haiilo. To understand what the different roles can do, please view this article.

  • A Group or Company Admin can easily change the role of anyone in their Users-list by finding the user they want to edit and clicking the Edit user-symbol.

    In the user's settings window, simply click on Set role next to their current role and the Set role window will open.


    To change the user's role, choose the role you want to give them and click Set role. And voilà, their role has been changed! Ask the user to log out of their current session in Haiilo and then log in for all the changes to take effect.

  • Assigning someone to be a channel manager or channel analyst is done on a channel-level by a Company or Group Admin. Click on Settings from the top menu bar, select the group, and then select Channels. From the list of channels, find the channel to which you want to assign a channel manager or analyst and click on the channel name to open the Edit channel-window.Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.49.12.png

    From the edit channel window, you can find the fields for Channel manager or Channel analyst. To assign a user to either role select the field and start typing their name and select them from the drop down menu.

    Once you have selected the right people, simply click Save at the bottom to save your current selection.

  • If you want to remove an Admin role from a person and set them to be a regular user, you also navigate to the 'Edit user'-page, but next to their role in the user's settings you will see the option Remove role. Click this button to change the role of this user back to a Sharer, i.e. a regular user.


  • If you ever want to remove someone as a channel manager or analyst, you can easily navigate back to the channel and remove them from the channel manager or analyst field. Update the channel settings and the person will no longer be able to manage that channel. Screenshot_2023-05-11_at_15.27.38.png

    You have to remove the person as channel manager or analyst for all the channels they manage individually.

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