Advocacy: Approve a post

As an Admin or Channel Manager, you can review the posts that Users propose and decide if you want to Approve or Reject them. This article will show you the steps of how to approve a proposed post in Haiilo. 


First, navigate to the Proposed feed and find the post you want to review. You can begin approving a post by clicking Prepare for publication. The post will be opened and you will be able to see the image, title and description (if applicable) that the user has selected for their post. You can edit any of these sections.


On the next page, you can see which Channels the post has been proposed to under the 'Select Channels'-option. In order to publish the post, you have to select whether you wish to approve or reject the post for each channel it has been proposed to. You can approve a post by clicking the V-symbol and reject it by clicking the X-symbol.


Please note that if you do not approve or reject the post for all pending channels, it will remain in the Proposed feed for the channels that are still pending until it is approved or rejected for those channels.

You are also able to publish the post to channels it has not been proposed to be simply clicking on that channel name.

After selecting the channels the post will get published to, you can also configure settings for the post, depending on the features your company Haiilo domain has enabled.


On the last page, you will be able to see any thoughts that the user who proposed the post wrote about it. You can also edit this text, if you wish. 


Lastly, you can choose to publish the post to the channels you selected immediately or schedule it to be published at a later date.

To publish the post, select Done and the post will be published on Haiilo to the channels you have selected. If you did not select any channels, the post will remain on the Proposed feed.


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