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A Company Admin can edit the settings for posts created on their company Haiilo domain under the Settings tab in the menu bar by selecting Post settings from the left-side list. All settings set here are valid for the whole company Haiilo domain as post settings are set on company-level. There are three main boxes of post settings that you can edit and manage and this guide will explain each in detail.

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Manage post feed

  • Choose after how many days posts should be archived by default. This number of days determines how long you want posts to be shown on the Haiilo feed before they are archived
  • Choose if you want to allow users to create internal content without needing approval. If this box is checked, the users in your company Haiilo domain can create content for Internal reading without requiring approval from an admin or channel manager. This means that users' posts for internal reading are published directly to the Published feed for all other users to see. If this box is unchecked, users' posts for internal reading require approval from an admin or channel manager to be published.
  • Choose if and how many points you wish users to receive for each post they propose. You can find more information on points in Haiilo here.

Language detection and filtering

You can add languages available for your company Haiilo domain. Any languages set here are available for the users to choose to receive and create content in

You can read more about how users select the languages they wish to receive content in here.


You can find the campaigns currently available in your company Haiilo domain and add, edit and delete campaigns. You can read more about Campaigns here.

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