Advocacy: Create, edit, or archive a channel

On Haiilo, all the content created needs to be published in Channels. You cannot create content if there is no channel to publish it in. Your company Haiilo domain can have different channels based on different departments, topics, areas of interest for your company, etc., and your users subscribe to multiple channels to receive a variety of content. To understand how users subscribe to channels and receive content in Haiilo, see here.

You can easily create, edit or archive a channel in Haiilo by navigating to Settings, choosing a group you'd like to create a channel in, and then clicking Channels in the menu. All channels are created on a group-level, so you cannot create channels in the Company Settings.


Create a channel

In the Channels tab, click the Create new channel-button. This will open a window where you can:

  • input a channel name
  • decide if the channel will be Public or Private.

    Please note that if you have created a Private channel, you cannot change the visibility back to Public later. 

    Private channel is also hidden from Company Admins unless they add themselves as Channel Managers during creation or are invited to join later by the Channel Manager they set.

  • write a description for your channel telling your users what kind of content this channel contains
  • add a Channel Manager or Analyst who will manage the channel.


When you are ready to create your channel, click Create and it will be created and appear in your channel list. If it is Public, your users will be able to see it in their channel lists along with the description you entered.

Edit a channel

If you want to edit a channel that you have already created, find it in the channel list in the 'Channels' settings and click on the channel's name which you want to edit to open the channel details window.
Here you can edit all the details that you input when originally creating the channel, but you can also choose the status of the channel.
  • Active: an active channel is open and users can subscribe to it and propose content to it. Mark the channel as Active if you want it to be in use.
  • Archived: an archived channel is not visible to users and they cannot see it in the channel list or propose content to it. Mark the channel as Archived if you want to stop using the channel. 

Please note that if you have created a Private channel, you cannot change the visibility back to Public later. 

Archive a channel

When you have a channel in your company Haiilo domain that you no longer use or want to stop using, you can easily archive the channel so it will not be visible in anyone's Channel list and no one will be able to create content in it. Channels in Haiilo cannot be deleted; they are simply archived. All content created in the channel will remain on the Haiilo feeds.

To change the status to archived, select Archived under the Channel status option. You will see a pop-up window asking if you to confirm the change. Click Yes, Archive channel and it will be archived.


You are able to see your Archived channels in the Channel settings under all your Active channels. If you decide later that you want to start using the channel again, you can navigate back to the channel details window for the channel and mark it as Active again. 


All subscribers in the channel will remain, so if it is ever reactivated the previously subscribed users will see it again in their Channels list.

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